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RiskOptics gives you the power to become more strategic by tying risk to your business strategy. Go further than simply answering questions on your risk posture. Instead, put risk in terms your business stakeholders care about by showing the direct impact of risk on high-priority business initiatives, helping your organization make smarter, risk-informed decisions.

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RiskOptics ROAR Platform - Risk Operations Center

Ways to Get Started

RiskOptics equips organizations with one of the most intuitive and powerful information security and cyber risk management solutions in the market. Powered by the RiskOptics ROAR Platform and supported by the new RiskOptics Community, we help businesses realize the fastest time-to-value and foster in-house expertise.

There are a few ways for you to see the ROAR Platform in action. Pick your preferred starting point below.


Live Demo

Want our experts to show you how it works? No problem! We’re happy to demonstrate the RiskOptics ROAR Platform to your organization in a live session.

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RiskOptics Community

Use the RiskOptics Community — a self-service support and education hub — to help you succeed with RiskOptics solutions and swap insights with our experts and your peers.

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2023 RiskOptics Cyber Risk Viewpoints Report

Report: See the Current State of Cyber Risk Management

The 2023 RiskOptics Cyber Risk Viewpoints Report — based on a survey of 261 InfoSec and GRC respondents — summarizes the current challenges companies are facing involving cybersecurity and IT risk, as well as steps organizations are taking to combat this risk.

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