Create a Strong Compliance Foundation to Drive Smarter, Risk-Informed Decisions

RiskOptics gives you the power to unify, simplify and automate compliance, risk and governance initiatives, no matter where you are on your GRC journey. Together, we can free you from time-intensive processes and transform GRC from a burdensome expense to a strategic advantage.

Through an approach that integrates compliance best practices with risk mitigation and improved security, you’ll be able to see and communicate the impact of risk on your business to key stakeholders and mitigate expensive data breaches, system failures and lost opportunities across your own and third-party data while adhering to compliance requirements.

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Ways to Get Started

RiskOptics equips organizations with the most intuitive and powerful information security and cyber risk management solutions in the market. Powered by the RiskOptics ROAR and ZenGRC, and supported by the RiskOptics Community, we help businesses realize fast time-to-value and foster in-house expertise.

There are a few ways for you to see the ROAR Platform and ZenGRC in action. Pick your preferred starting point below.


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Want our experts to show you how it works? No problem! We’re happy to demonstrate the RiskOptics ROAR and ZenGRC to your organization in a live session.

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RiskOptics Community

Use the RiskOptics Community — a self-service support and education hub — to help you succeed with RiskOptics solutions and swap insights with our experts and your peers.

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A Risk Insider’s Guide to Buying GRC and Risk Management Technology

The right GRC solution can help strengthen cybersecurity, eliminate organizational silos, promote data protection transparency, reduce uncertainty and costs, and improve business decision-making.

This definitive guide to finding the right GRC and Risk Management solution will explore how GRC has evolved over time and hone in on the technology that has evolved along with it, offering you specific questions to ask and capabilities to look for along the way.

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