When your week is getting you down and you need a quick pick-me-up, cartoons and memes are the way to go. The wonder of the internet may bring with its security concerns, but it also brings with it the ability chuckle at a moment’s notice. Below are five places to find IT, infosec, and technology-related humor on the internet.



Image: Scott Adams

Dilbert is never not funny. Anyone who has ever spent their day in a cube farm filled with people who would never understand them or their value understands Dilber. We get Dilbert. We are one with Dilbert, and Dilbert is one with us. The best part, is that Scott Adams’s official website has 212 pages of comics totally dedicated to the search “Information Security.



Image: XKCD

Ok, every geek worth their kryptonite knows about XKCD. They might even hand out XKCD comics with the Bachelor’s of Science degrees diplomas. Unlike Dilbert, there is no search function on the XKCD website. However, using a web search led to individual cartoons about things like security, encryption, InfoSec expert Bob Schneier, password strength, authorization, and the impossible dream of a back door to tech-savvy tech support.


Little Bobby

Image: Lee and Haas

Written by Robert Lee and Jeff Haas, Little Bobby is from an insider’s perspective. Robert Lee is one of the top infosec experts around, but he works on this comic in his free time. With a subtitle like, “a Sunday morning webcomic on technology and security,” Little Bobby is intended for the InfoSec community.


Geek & Poke

Image: Widder

Geek & Poke publishes webcomics every few weeks. More sporadic than some of the others, its focus is very clearly programmers. Minimalistic in style, it maximizes humor.


User Friendly

Image: J.D.

Started in 1997, User Friendly publishes IT-focused webcomics daily. J.D., the author, comes from the IT world noting proudly in his FAQ that “The first (user-programmable) computer I ever used a Hewlett-Packard 2000 mini, with thermal-paper printouts.” Although not currently in IT, he still visits IT departments for continued up-to-date inspiration.


Radical Compliance’s Meme Page

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 2.30.55 PM

Everyone loves a good meme. Run by Matt Kelly, the former editor and publisher at Compliance Weekly, Radical Compliance generally serves as an information source but has a pretty phenomenal page of infosec memes.