Reduce Risk Using Cyber Assurance Programs

5 EXAMPLES OF HOW TO GAIN BETTER INSIGHT INTO THE RISKS OF YOUR STRATEGIC BUSINESS PRIORITIES 77% of global companies report an increase in threats to their business. 1 Yet, executives sa ...
September 15, 2022

Close the Back Door! 5 Ways to Reduce Third-Party Risk

LEARN HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR THIRD-PARTY RELATIONSHIPS The connections and dependencies between organizations and their employees, partners, suppliers and customers, creates significant opp ...
August 19, 2022

Most Efficient Techniques for Quantifying Risks

With so many threats facing modern companies, knowing which threats to address first can be challenging. Risk quantification is a technique that frames your vulnerabilities in a numerical re ...
August 15, 2022

Gather Your Team and Conquer Dystopian Vendor Security Reviews

Let's talk about vendor security reviews. If you felt some form of unpleasant emotion just reading the phrase "vendor security review," I understand. You and I are not so different. You have ...
August 9, 2022

Combat Limited Resources & Threats With Automation

IN COLLABORATION WITH ELLIOTT DAVIS: EMERGING DEVELOPMENTS & HOT TOPICS, GRC In a 2021 survey of CIOs, respondents cited limited resources, new or changing regulations, and tracking and m ...
July 26, 2022

Keep Up With the Ever-evolving Cybersecurity Threat Landscape

It seems like the next flavor of cyberattack is always making the news, a constant reminder of how vigilant businesses need to be to try and keep themselves, their customers and their suppli ...
July 26, 2022

Making the Shift From Vendor Risk Management to Third-Party Risk Management (and Leaving Your Questionnaires Behind!)

There's an old expression that says the most dangerous statement a person can make is "we've always done it this way." I think we can all agree that we need to grow and adapt as the world ar ...
July 18, 2022

Prepare for PCI DSS v4 NOW to Stay Ahead of Bad Actors

EXPERT TIPS TO PREPARE FOR THE TRANSITION AND MAKE THE MOST OF NEWFOUND FLEXIBILITY AND CONTROL "The big news with version 4 of the Data Security Standard is that this is a major rele ...
June 22, 2022
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