An essential objective of any business is growth, which can be measured in any number of ways: increased profit, revenue, capacity, number of employees, even employee prosperity. Yet while growth in any of these areas is a good thing, it also creates some unique business challenges — especially relating to data privacy, which touches on all parts of your organization.

Every business today is driven by data. It comes from your customers, partners, vendors and employees. As your company grows, expanding to new markets, opening offices in new locations and signing up new customers, so, too, does the amount of data flowing in and out of the organization. And, unfortunately, as your data flow increases, so do the risks and regulations that come with it.

Sticking with traditional infosec tools — the ad-hoc, manual processes and spreadsheets that have become the bane of compliance — is no longer an option. These archaic ways of managing GRC programs can’t scale to keep up with data aggregation and continual updates as your requirements grow. And adding headcount to fix the problem can actually make the situation even worse.

So what’s the solution?

For leading security cloud company Netskope, it was Reciprocity. 

A Real-World Solution

Netskope has close to 1000 employees based in six offices worldwide. As many of their customers are in highly regulated industries, they have an ever-growing list of security requirements that they and their vendors need to follow. In addition, the increasing scope and complexity of compliance standards causes a burden on their internal team. 

The company needed a GRC tool that would enable them to scale up their information security and compliance programs without increasing headcount. With Reciprocity’s ZenGRC platform, they were able to automate and integrate all their systems into a single system of record for the entire organization. As a result, they dramatically reduced the manual overhead previously needed to organize and analyze their data and vet and onboard new vendors, improving risk-balanced decisions for the business — and slashing audit time by 50 percent!

Scaling up risk and compliance programs involves many complexities. But that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. Using a single integrated and automated solution that enables streamlined processes, data-backed decision-making and a more secure information environment, companies can transform GRC initiatives from a burdensome expense to a strategic advantage.

Read our Netskope case study to learn all the details on how the company leveraged ZenGRC to transform its risk and compliance management program.