Leigh Ann Whitmarsh, Director of Customer ExperienceBy Leigh Ann Whitmarsh
Director of Customer Experience, Reciprocity

We are excited to introduce our new Reciprocity Community in support of the launch of our new Reciprocity ROAR platform.

The new Reciprocity Community is a self-service, one-stop shop that helps customers succeed in achieving their risk and compliance goals. The Community provides access to all Reciprocity resources, including Knowledge Base articles, upcoming events, and product updates.

Reciprocity Community BadgesIt also provides a fun, interactive place to connect with peers and industry experts for guidance, inspiration, and product enhancements. And, every time members visit the community, they can earn points by commenting, posting, or ‘liking’ content, that can earn them badges that can be exchanged for the latest Reciprocity swag and giveaways. And more badges = better rewards.

Another key part of the Community is the new and improved Reciprocity University, which now provides access to both Reciprocity product and essential industry training. Community members can easily access the tools they need for their governance, risk and compliance programs-while also ensuring they stay up-to-date on the latest industry certifications.

From single-click access to a wide range of self-service training options, to the ability to instantly engage and connect with peers (and Reciprocity experts), the Reciprocity Community provides everything you need to maximize your investment in Reciprocity – at your fingertips.