The team at Reciprocity recently conducted a live poll and asked our audience, “Are you currently using your compliance program to guide your risk management program?” Here’s what our respondents said:

compliance program risk management survey results

These results reflected what we had already determined during previous customer surveys: most organizations want to manage risk and compliance together. But they don’t have the time, resources, or technology to do so…

Here’s where Reciprocity’s Risk Observation Assessment and Remediation (ROAR) platform can generate immense value. ROAR empowers organizations to understand and manage their risk in the context of key business and strategic objectives.

Risk Management Starts with Making Risk Actionable and Contextual

In today’s dynamic business landscape, risk presents obstacles that can keep your business from reaching key strategic objectives. To eliminate these obstacles, you need to understand, manage, and take action. Only then can you implement the mitigation strategies required to minimize its impacts.

Many traditional risk management and compliance tools typically solve simpler, one-off problems, such as how to meet compliance requirements or how to create a business risk register. The problem with these “point” solutions is that they don’t provide actionable risk information in context to your unique business problems.

But ROAR does.

The Reciprocity ROAR Platform ties your risks to your business objectives. This context makes these insights more actionable, helping you implement robust controls to solve the problem and strengthen your security posture.

You are also better positioned to communicate risk information to critical stakeholders, including customers and partners, thus earning their trust.

Eliminate Blind Spots in Your Security Ecosystem

The Reciprocity ROAR Platform combines risk observation, assessment, and remediation into a trusted, single source of truth. With its unified view of compliance and risk information, you can eliminate inefficiencies, gaps, and blind spots in your security ecosystem.

Plus, you get actionable insights through the Risk Operations Center (ROC) at both the program and organizational levels.

At the organizational level, you’ll see the “big picture” of your risk and compliance posture. But the real value comes in at the program level.

The program level reporting provides detailed metrics and insights into the risk profile of each program – or business initiative – and its specific business objectives. That means you’re able to see how risk is impacting a particular project and determine what steps to take to bring that risk to an acceptable level.

Play the Offense with Your Business Risk

Integrating your risk and compliance efforts is critical to taking the offensive (rather than defensive) approach to what Gartner reports 88% of boards now classify as a business risk: cybersecurity.

This is because compliance affects risk and vice versa. Your framework of statutory, regulatory, or contractual requirements and implemented controls directly impacts risk and affects whether it is within the boundaries of your risk appetite.

If you already have a robust compliance program, you can use it as a foundation to build or strengthen your risk management program. Such a risk-centric approach will help you anticipate all of your business risks and implement mitigation strategies early.

By starting with compliance, you can implement strong controls that reduce underlying risks and contribute to achieving organizational goals. This approach also helps you refine your risk registry, categorize each risk by business objective, and prioritize risks based on your organization’s definition of “acceptable limits.”

But to achieve all these objectives, you need an integrated platform like ROAR that allows you to make risk actionable to better avoid or mitigate it.

Push Past the Limitations of Traditional Infosec with ROAR

Tired of switching back and forth between compliance frameworks and risk registers? Ready to break down the silos obstructing your view of how compliance controls impact business risk?

Us too.

That’s why we put our best minds to work to bring you the Reciprocity ROAR Platform.

And in this webinar, you’ll see the groundbreaking innovation’s full power to:

  • Eliminate the labor intensive processes that accompany traditional point solutions.
  • Minimize complexity and support quick actions when controls fail or risk exceeds targets.
  • Operationalize risk and compliance, so you can seamlessly move from defense to offense to strengthen your security posture.

Discover the power of ROAR to enable YOU to leverage risk in the next normal – so you can finally play your part in driving critical business decisions.

Goodbye tired infosec!