November 2020: Compliance Certification Roundup

Each month, Reciprocity highlights companies that have earned compliance certifications for information security frameworks. Here's our November 2020 roundup of recent compliance news fro ...
November 7, 2020

Network Security Audit Checklist

Every company that uses computers and the Internet should be concerned about information security and particularly, network security. The number of threats each company faces is growing e ...
August 4, 2020

What Compliance Lessons Can We Learn From Past Pandemics?

COVID-19 has us reeling from health, social, and economic shocks, but this isn’t our first global crisis. It is, however, the first in which cybercrime plays a starring role. The world ha ...
April 29, 2020

Keep it Private: SOX Compliance and Private Companies

Smaller, privately held companies often view the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (“SOX”) as being within the purview of large, publicly held corporations. Enacted in the wake of a steady stre ...
January 6, 2017

How FedRAMP Compliance Can Give You a Competitive Edge

When describing cloud computing, terms like highly scalable, efficient, and on-demand probably come to mind. Unfortunately, those same descriptors aren't commonly associated with operations ...
April 6, 2015