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Frequently Asked Questions

The Reciprocity® Community Edition is a free version of the Reciprocity ROAR Platform—including Reciprocity ZenComply and ZenRisk—used to help you prepare to meet any of the five Trust Services Criteria including the privacy and security of your customer data. Community Edition users experience the fast, guided, content-rich experience of the Reciprocity ROAR Platform at no cost while getting immediate value through SOC 2 readiness.

The Reciprocity Community Edition is supported through the Reciprocity Community—a single, self-service destination that provides access to Reciprocity resources such as guides, training resources and forums to connect with your peers.

With the Reciprocity Community Edition, you get the same robust features and capabilities as the Reciprocity ROAR Platform. You’ll also have access to both applications built on the ROAR Platform—ZenComply and ZenRisk.

The lone limitation is that you can only create one program focused exclusively on SOC 2. Since SOC 2 is one of the most popular frameworks, this is a great way to get a feel for the Reciprocity ROAR Platform for free, while also getting true value out of the Community Edition.

A business that provides services to other businesses—say, data storage or payroll management—typically needs to provide assurance to those customers that the business won’t expose them to any undue security or compliance risks. The two most common ways to provide that assurance are to pass a SOC 1 or SOC 2 attestation.

Community Edition users get to experience first hand the power of the Reciprocity ROAR Platform and the fast, guided, content-rich approach of the applications. You also get dedicated resources to help you get through the creation, execution and completion of your SOC 2 process. All of this real-world, hands-on experience is free!

No. The Reciprocity Community Edition consists of a fully functioning platform and applications that offer true value for those needing to manage SOC 2.

Essentially, yes the Reciprocity Community Edition is a free trial specific to helping to prepare for SOC 2 compliance. It showcases the functionality of the Reciprocity ROAR Platform and applications for free. However, the difference between the Community Edition and a traditional free trial is that ours is not limited by time so you’re getting much more than just something to play with. You get a fully functioning platform and applications that offer true value for those needing to manage SOC 2.

No, at this time the Reciprocity Community Edition is available for SOC 2 only.

There is no cost to use the Reciprocity Community Edition. That’s right, it’s free!

The Reciprocity Community Edition does not have a time limit, as long as you continue to use it. And we will not ask you to pay for it. No need to mark your calendar…it’s yours! (Here’s the fine print: If there is minimal activity with no completed SOC 2 internal audit after six months, we will decommission the instance after notifying you.)

The Reciprocity Community Edition gives you access to one program and SOC 2 content. As you grow and would like to add more programs or frameworks, contact us here to upgrade to the full Reciprocity ROAR Platform. The ROAR Platform is priced based on the number of programs, so it’s easy to add what you need.

The Reciprocity Community Edition is a free version of the Reciprocity ROAR Platform focused solely on helping you achieve SOC 2 readiness. Community Edition users will have access to the SOC 2 framework and Secure Controls Framework (SCF) content, available templates and pre-built integrations and can create one program focused on SOC 2.

Upgrading to a full-use plan of the Reciprocity ROAR Platform unlocks the full capabilities of the Reciprocity Product Suite that includes over 25 compliance frameworks, additional risk capabilities and full use of the unified taxonomy that enables data sharing and reuse to leverage all the great SOC 2 work you just completed.

With the ROAR Platform, you may create as many programs as you need to assess the risk according to your business priorities and outcomes, such as expanding sales to a new region, or transitioning to a cloud-based application. You will also get full access to the Reciprocity Community including the knowledge base, Reciprocity University and product support.

As the name suggests, the Reciprocity Community Edition is all about our community. You can visit the Reciprocity Community to find all the help you need from implementation to expert guidance.

There are some advanced resources in the Reciprocity Community, including webinars, that are only available to users of the full ROAR Platform. But there are plenty of resources available for Community Edition users to support you on your journey to SOC 2 compliance. Upgrading to the full ROAR Platform will unlock all of the resources with the community.

Just complete the form at the top of this page and we will provision your instance. You will receive an email from us with instructions on how to get started.

It depends on how you want to see the Reciprocity ROAR Platform in action. The live demo is an expert-led, live session where you’ll be able to see the platform and applications and ask questions to help guide the conversation. The Community Edition gives you a chance to get your hands on it. You get access to the product and can build one, real-world program focused on SOC 2.

The value of the Community Edition over the live demo is that you’ll be able to use the product to do real work. It’s your data, your environment, your SOC 2 work and you can use it for as long as you’d like once you’ve completed an audit.

Yes, you can. As a ZenGRC customer, we have an even better opportunity for you. Please talk to your Customer Success Manager.

One of our main goals with the Reciprocity Community Edition is to hear your feedback. It’s so valuable to us, that we’re giving it to you for free to create a real SOC 2 program. With that, please direct any and all feedback here. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Reciprocity® ROAR Platform, which underpins Reciprocity ZenRisk and ZenComply, gives you the ability to see, understand and take action on your IT and cyber risks.

With a unified, real-time view of risk and compliance-framed around your business priorities-you'll have the contextual insight needed to easily and clearly communicate with key stakeholders to make smart, strategic decisions that will protect your enterprise, systems and data, and earn the trust of your customers, partners and employees.


The Reciprocity ROAR Platform