Last week we shared some tips and tricks to help you find the best GRC tool for your company and your specific compliance needs. Purchasing a GRC tool is an important decision. The right GRC tool can streamline your work and significantly reduce the hassle related to managing your compliance program. But choosing the right tool requires a big investment in time and resources.

You know you need a GRC tool, but where to begin? The best place to start is by gaining an understanding of the regular and periodic processes that your team uses to ensure your company stays compliant. By understanding and documenting your compliance processes, you’ll gain a strong understanding of the opportunities for improvement.

We call it a “compliance self-assessment” and our GRC Software Buyers’ Guide comes with a ready-made questionnaire designed to help you assess the state of your compliance program.

For a copy of our assessment worksheet, download the GRC Software Buyers’ Guide today. It will bring you one step closer to finding the GRC tool of your dreams.