Compliance is complex stuff. No matter your organization size or industry, chances are you’re wrestling with the challenge of complying with a growing number of regulations. Unfortunately, the burden to manage your compliance and penalties for not being compliant only increases as your business expands.

The reality is that requirements and controls in various regulatory frameworks often overlap, and differing schedules for updates or changes to these frameworks can result in a lot of duplicative work and wasted resources for your compliance team.

Automated tools can make managing your compliance program a less daunting task, but one of the best ways to simplify your compliance program is to implement consolidated objectives. Simply put, consolidated objectives are common requirements across regulatory frameworks. Rather than trying to figure out how much of your ISO 27001 work overlaps with the PCI requirements, a GRC tool can do the work for you.

With a GRC tool to manage consolidated objectives, you’ll be able to save time and money upfront, better prioritize your compliance work and focus your efforts in areas where you have gaps. The net result? Your compliance program can be a business enabler rather than a Roadblock.

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