Reduce Risk Using Cyber Assurance Programs

5 EXAMPLES OF HOW TO GAIN BETTER INSIGHT INTO THE RISKS OF YOUR STRATEGIC BUSINESS PRIORITIES 77% of global companies report an increase in threats to their business. 1 Yet, executives sa ...
September 15, 2022

Close the Back Door! 5 Ways to Reduce Third-Party Risk

LEARN HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR THIRD-PARTY RELATIONSHIPS The connections and dependencies between organizations and their employees, partners, suppliers and customers, creates significant opp ...
August 19, 2022

Combat Limited Resources & Threats With Automation

IN COLLABORATION WITH ELLIOTT DAVIS: EMERGING DEVELOPMENTS & HOT TOPICS, GRC In a 2021 survey of CIOs, respondents cited limited resources, new or changing regulations, and tracking and m ...
July 26, 2022

Prepare for PCI DSS v4 NOW to Stay Ahead of Bad Actors

EXPERT TIPS TO PREPARE FOR THE TRANSITION AND MAKE THE MOST OF NEWFOUND FLEXIBILITY AND CONTROL "The big news with version 4 of the Data Security Standard is that this is a major rele ...
June 22, 2022

The Changing Role of the CISO [Fireside Chat]

FROM THE BACK OFFICE TO THE BOARDROOM: EXECUTIVES DISCUSS THE ROLE'S EVOLUTION Increasingly since the global pandemic struck in 2020, the world is being exploited by cyber criminals. This ...
May 13, 2022

Rethink Your Third-Party Risk Strategy in an Uncertain World

DO YOU KNOW IF YOUR VENDORS ARE MEETING REQUIRED SECURITY AND PRIVACY OBLIGATIONS? As organizations begin to recover from the pandemic, third-party risk management (TPRM) is more importan ...
April 15, 2022

Effective InfoSec Begins with “Reciprocity” Between Compliance & Risk

GET A PEEK AT GROUNDBREAKING PRODUCT INNOVATIONS DELIVERING A NEW PATH TO ACTIONABLE RISK INSIGHT Pressure is increasing on security and risk management leaders not only to reduce risk bu ...
March 17, 2022

Using Compliance as a Catalyst for Reducing Risk

LEARN HOW TO USE YOUR COMPLIANCE PROGRAM AS A JUMPING OFF POINT FOR RISK MANAGEMENT Through regulations and countless best practices, industry has been pushing organizations to take a m ...
February 2, 2022

Top Cyber Risk Trends: Where to Focus Your Efforts in 2022

AN INSIDE GRC PANEL DISCUSSION In 2021 the term "new normal" showed why it was ever uttered in the first place. Although many aspects of life returned to some form of the way they were, b ...
December 15, 2021

Five Keys to Successful NIST Audits

AN INSIDE GRC PANEL DISCUSSION When it comes to NIST, are you truly prepared? If not, you’ll likely spend excess time and money only to get subpar results. The effort you put in on the ...
November 5, 2021

Real World Perils of Manual GRC & What to Do Instead

AN INSIDE GRC PANEL DISCUSSION Let’s face it: we all know manual processes are cumbersome. But did you know they can also be costly to your organization? And if you do — are you prepa ...
October 13, 2021

BACK-TO-BASICS: Beginning Your Risk Program

Are you struggling with where to begin setting up a risk program within your organization? With the pace of evolving technology coupled with outside threats and cyber risk, the need is massi ...
September 29, 2021
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