When purchasing a GRC software tool, there are several steps that a business should take to find the best tool for their needs. In our last blog post we discussed conducting a compliance self assessment. Today we want to talk about the next phase – defining goals.

Once you have assessed your current processes, it’s time to define what you hope to achieve with the implementation of a new compliance tool and plan out your strategy.

Adopting GRC software will likely affect many different departments in your organization, and it is important to talk through the impact with all involved parties. Defining the specific requirements for each department up front and discussing the benefits of the tool will help get team buy-in and make the transition to the tool easier.  

Other important questions to cover during the goal setting phase include identifying KPIs, defining short-term and long-term goals, and thinking through possible integrations with existing GRC software currently in use.

To get a copy of our goal questionnaire, as well as a complete overview of the compliance tool purchasing process, Download our GRC Software Buyer’s Guide now.