Achieve Robust PCI Compliance with RiskOptics

  • Tailor our GRC solution to your PCI compliance needs
  • Save time and hassle managing PCI compliance tasks and audits
  • Create a strong PCI compliance foundation to drive smarter, risk-informed decisions

These brands rely on our award-winning platform

  • slack
  • jetBlue
  • Chobani
  • 23andMe
  • AARP
  • sprinklr

These brands rely on our award-winning platform

  • slack
  • jetBlue
  • Chobani
  • 23andMe
  • AARP
  • sprinklr

Make PCI Compliance Simple

Get everything you need to manage your PCI audit with our GRC software platform

  • Access prebuilt and preloaded PCI templates for standards, frameworks and regulations so that your teams can get up and running fast.
  • Avoid redundancy, identify overlaps, and assess gaps in your company’s PCI compliance efforts with ease.
  • Easily manage and track evidence collection, control assessments and other tasks so you always have up-to-date information on progress, status and your overall compliance posture.

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ROAR Monitor Dashboard

Utilize ZenGRC to manage your risk

Gain a holistic view of risk across your organization, so you can understand how multiple risks interact, how they could impact your business, and what the probability is that they will occur.

  • Evaluate risk across connections, such as systems, business divisions, and controls by customizing risk calculations with multivariable scoring or accessing pre-loaded risk calculation methodologies and risk register content, including SCF and NIST frameworks. Use an interactive heatmap to identify areas of high risk and understand the impact of adding or maturing controls to prioritize your efforts for highest impact.
  • Automate questionnaires and assessments to improve vendor relationships and reduce the workload on internal teams – saving time and increasing visibility.
  • Improve transparency and multi-level stakeholder reporting with up-to-date status reports that aren’t a burden.

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ROAR Health Dashboard
"As we expand our use of ZenGRC, the business value is only going to increase, earning its keep as a strategic asset that's critical to our operations."
Thomas Clark - Mixpanel
"ZenGRC was easy to use, it matched our model for how things ought to be linked & had all the compliance programs we needed. I didn’t find another solution that even came close."
William Dougherty - Omada Health CISO

Principal PCI DSS Requirements


Requirement – Build and Maintain a Secure Network and Systems

  • Install and maintain network security controls.
  • Apply secure configurations to all system components.

Requirement – Protect Cardholder Data

  • Protect stored account data.
  • Protect cardholder data with strong cryptography during transmission over open, public networks.

Requirement – Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program

  • Protect all systems and networks from malicious software.
  • Develop and maintain secure systems and software.

Requirement – Implement Strong Access Control Measures

  • Restrict access to system components and cardholder data by business.
  • Identify users and authenticate access to system components.
  • Restrict physical access to cardholder data.

Requirement – Regularly Monitor and Test Networks

  • Log and monitor all access to system components and cardholder data.
  • Test security of systems and networks regularly.

Requirement – Maintain an Information Security Policy

  • Support Information Security with organizational policies and programs.