Achieve Seamless SOC Compliance with RiskOptics

  • Tailor our GRC solution to your SOC compliance needs
  • Save time and hassle managing SOC compliance tasks and audits
  • Create a strong SOC compliance foundation to drive smarter, risk-informed decisions

These brands rely on our award-winning platform

  • slack
  • jetBlue
  • Chobani
  • 23andMe
  • AARP
  • sprinklr

These brands rely on our award-winning platform

  • slack
  • jetBlue
  • Chobani
  • 23andMe
  • AARP
  • sprinklr

Make SOC Compliance Simple

Get everything you need to manage your SOC audit with our GRC software platform

  • Access prebuilt and preloaded SOC templates for standards, frameworks and regulations so that your teams can get up and running fast.
  • Avoid redundancy, identify overlaps, and assess gaps in your company’s SOC compliance efforts with ease.
  • Easily manage and track evidence collection, control assessments and other tasks so you always have up-to-date information on progress, status and your overall compliance posture.

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Utilize ZenGRC to manage your risk

Gain a holistic view of risk across your organization, so you can understand how multiple risks interact, how they could impact your business, and what the probability is that they will occur.

  • Evaluate risk across connections, such as systems, business divisions, and controls by customizing risk calculations with multivariable scoring or accessing pre-loaded risk calculation methodologies and risk register content, including SCF and NIST frameworks. Use an interactive heatmap to identify areas of high risk and understand the impact of adding or maturing controls to prioritize your efforts for highest impact.
  • Automate questionnaires and assessments to improve vendor relationships and reduce the workload on internal teams – saving time and increasing visibility.
  • Improve transparency and multi-level stakeholder reporting with up-to-date status reports that aren’t a burden.

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"As we expand our use of ZenGRC, the business value is only going to increase, earning its keep as a strategic asset that's critical to our operations."
Thomas Clark - Mixpanel
"ZenGRC was easy to use, it matched our model for how things ought to be linked & had all the compliance programs we needed. I didn’t find another solution that even came close."
William Dougherty - Omada Health CISO

SOC Requirements At a Glance

Your specific SOC requirements will vary depending on whether you are seeking attestation for SOC 1, SOC 2, or SOC 3. Regardless of the standard, however, the key to a successful SOC audit is preparation.

Before your formal audit, you should spend ample reviewing your compliance requirements and have supporting documentation that validates your efforts.

Here are a few tips from our guide to SOC compliance:

SOC Compliance Audit Checklist


Establish your goals.
What is the scope of your audit? It’s crucial to understand what requirements pertain to your business, what level or type of certification you want and how the requirements apply to your existing sensitive data and systems


Conduct a risk assessment and implement the appropriate remediation and security controls.
In addition to understanding which data is sensitive and should be safeguarded, you should consider security measures such as user access controls, strong passwords, firewalls and two-factor authentication (2FA) for sign-on.


Organize your materials.
The next step is to prepare the documents and correspondence that validate the effectiveness of your security controls.


Conduct a self-audit.
Before submitting your organization for an official audit, it’s important to assure that you’re ready. Otherwise, you face excessive costs associated with applying for a new audit after failing your first. If you can show the assessor conducting your official audit that you’ve remediated any potential compliance issues or are in the process of doing so, your organization will be well on its way to achieving official attestation.


Get help if you need it.
Let’s face it: Between the various types of SOC compliance, the various trust principles, and the different types of audits, SOC certification can be overwhelming. Moreover, SOC 2 (the most commonly sought SOC audit) is a complex framework that changes frequently. So it’s important to get the help you need to achieve compliance and satisfy stakeholders.