Manage compliance & risk within a single platform

  • Accelerate compliance with pre-built content, in-application expert guidance and the insight needed to strengthen compliance while reducing IT risk. Learn more
  • Gain contextual insights on your risk posture to make more informed, data-driven decisions Learn more
  • Take action fast when controls fail or risk exceeds targets, with real-time notifications that keep teams connected and informed. Learn more

These brands rely on our award-winning platform

These brands rely on our award-winning platform

Compliance: Drive Efficiencies with Less Effort

One integrated and automated system of record will keep you ahead of constant regulatory changes. Benefits include:

  • Automation, eliminating tedious manual processes
  • More than 30 pre-loaded frameworks
  • Real-time control status with continuous monitoring and pre-built dashboards

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ROAR Monitor Dashboard

Risk: Stay Ahead of Ever-Evolving Security Threats

Obtain greater visibility of risks in context to business activities to better manage risks and mitigate business exposure. With RiskOptics, you can:

  • Customizable risk calculations with multivariable scoring
  • Continuous monitoring exposes compliance-related risks in real-time
  • Pre-built risk reporting dashboards and heatmaps, plus benchmark insights

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ROAR Health Dashboard

The RiskOptics ROAR Platform gives you the ability to see, understand and take action on your IT and cyber risks.

With a unified, real-time view of risk and compliance—framed around your business priorities—you’ll have the contextual insight needed to easily and clearly communicate with key stakeholders to make smart, strategic decisions that will protect your enterprise, systems and data, and earn the trust of your customers, partners and employees.