Manage compliance & risk within a single platform with ZenGRC

  • Simplify audit and compliance management with a holistic view of control environments, easy information access and continual monitoring. Learn more
  • Expose evolving threats as ZenGRC highlights where risks are shifting in your organization. Learn more
  • Paired with ZenGRC, Risk Intellect provides insight on the impact of your compliance programs to your cyber risk posture.

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Compliance: Drive Efficiencies with Less Effort

One integrated and automated system of record will keep you ahead of constant regulatory changes. Benefits include:

  • Automation, eliminating tedious manual processes
  • More than 30 pre-loaded frameworks
  • Real-time control status with continuous monitoring and pre-built dashboards

ZenGRC generated 35% savings and immediate ROI, eliminating the need for our 3rd-party audit firm to audit duplicative controls across multiple annual audits.

Christopher Henderson, Director of Information Security, Datto

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Risk: Stay Ahead of Ever-Evolving Security Threats

Provide greater visibility across your organization to better manage risks and mitigate business exposure. Benefits include:

  • Customizable risk calculations with multivariable scoring
  • Continuous monitoring exposes compliance-related risks in real-time
  • Pre-built risk reporting dashboards and heatmaps, plus benchmark insights

Being able to leverage the risk management piece of ZenGRC elevated our entire security program to a level of maturity we didn’t think was possible so quickly

Sonya Lowrance, Director Information Security, Conversica

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“The usability and efficiency that ZenGRC provides is outstanding. The seeded content preloaded by Reciprocity’s onboarding team gave us a huge jumpstart. We were able to get up and running in less than 15 days.”

Meghan Maneval, Manager - Risk and Field Security, GitLab


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