In recent years, compliance programs have grown increasingly important, and with that comes complexity. With constantly changing government regulations and ever-present cybersecurity risks, compliance is essential for many businesses. But how do you know when the time is right to establish a compliance program?

When it comes to compliance, you need to assess the pros and cons as they relate to your business specifically. Despite what an auditor may tell you, it’s not an all or nothing decision. Instead, you should approach compliance as a point on a maturity curve. This will help you identify the steps to ease you into a new organizational design. For high growth companies worried that compliance may slow them down, it’s absolutely possible to strike a balance and pursue compliance while preserving high growth and agility.

So how do you know if your company is ready for compliance? Check out the infographic below for the questions you should answer to determine if the time is right to initiate formal governance, risk management, and compliance program.

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Compliance Program Infographic