A Connected Information Security Ecosystem 

At Reciprocity, our mission has always been to simplify the way your organization manages risk and compliance and to encourage transparency and trusted relationships with your key stakeholders. 

With ZenGRC, we delivered the industry’s best GRC solution and simplified a traditionally complicated tool to make it easy for CISOs, CROs, and CCOs to manage their organization’s information security. 

Today, we are excited to announce our next massive milestone: ZenConnect

ZenGRC + ZenConnect is the first and only integrated GRC solution that fosters a continuous flow of information between the systems, applications, and people that are core to your business. It enables out-of-the-box connections to the tools you have in your tech stack to empower a connected information security experience for your organization.


Working closely with our ZenGRC customers, we realized how many different tools are used in every organization, from SMBs to enterprises. We knew how much time people spent manually exporting, modifying, and uploading information.  Evidence collection, reporting, and collaboration were exhausting and inefficient. 

With ZenConnect, we are automating that entire, complex process. ZenGRC + ZenConnect provides always-on, cross-API integrations with the most widely used business and InfoSec tools.  Now, with just a few clicks, our customers can simplify workflows, automatically gather and distribute data, and continuously monitor their data to identify, assess, and mitigate risk in real-time.

ZenGRC + ZenConnect allows for a range of benefits including automated evidence collection, cross-functional collaboration, integrated real-time reporting, and more. 

Our long-term vision is that ZenConnect will be your foundation for a robust and intelligent information security stack. We want to facilitate automatic, continuous — and worry-free — risk and compliance management with the ability to scale with your information security needs.

Integration Categories

These are the high-level functional categories for which we built ZenConnect integrations: Collaboration, Workflow, Business Intelligence, and Information Security.  

We are proud to offer 17 API integrations that are ready to use. We will continue to deepen these interactions overtime  —while also growing our application library to evolve as your tech stack grows.


Cross-team communication is fundamental to any successful risk and compliance program.  We need to share information so we can make good decisions with our stakeholders about risk posture and audit objectives.  

We designed our first connectors to integrate with Slack. Our customers loved how that integration helped them to easily and efficiently communicate compliance tasks, audit requests and approvals, workflows, and more. We plan to build more integrations with other collaboration platforms soon.


Your teams use a number of tools to manage day-to-day work and requests. To simplify that process, we built strong integrations with Jira and ServiceNow. These connections allow you to automatically sync tickets and workflows with compliance to-dos and audit requests, in-app. Additionally, your teammates in product development can continue to use Jira while your audit team continues to process evidence collection and reports in ZenGRC. Cross-functional collaboration won’t be disrupted and everyone will be up to date via notifications in their preferred app. 

Business Intelligence

We’ve unlocked executive-level reporting with business intelligence tools like Tableau, as well. Through our integration with Tableau, we help you improve reporting while saving you time. Now you can decide exactly which data or object from ZenGRC to sync directly to a report in Tableau. 

Information Security

Our customers use a number of SaaS InfoSec tools to help run their businesses safely and efficiently. Take for example, storage. At the heart of any risk and compliance program is data: the files, documents, and evidence associated with audit controls, risks to be mitigated, and so forth. Where to store this data is a critical decision for your security team. So we built a variety of integrations based on the most widely used cloud storage solutions our customers use, like Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Amazon’s S3.

Then we considered the tedious effort that our customers spent on evidence collection and reporting. A series of repetitive tasks that are critical but time-consuming and manual. So we built connectors to enable automated evidence collection and continuous monitoring to applications like AWS, Splunk, and Qualys. These connections give you back hours a day while providing real-time visibility into your risk profile. 

The last area we wanted to address early on for information security was third-party identity and authentication. We know this is an important requirement for every business, stakeholder, and network. So now we have integrations available with providers like Centrify and Okta. 

This is just the beginning of ZenConnect and a glance into how we view the world of information security. ZenConnect brings us a step closer towards our mission of simplifying risk and compliance and fostering transparency throughout the organization and its stakeholders. 

I’ll be speaking more about ZenGRC + ZenConnect and its API-enabled integrations during an upcoming webinar on Wednesday, 8/21.  Hope you can make it. 

ZenConnect Webinar