Automating GRC: The Next Frontier in Risk Management

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By Meghan Maneval, Director of Technical Product Management

Because of the dramatic acceleration of digital transformation, many organizations have accepted associated risk rather than taking the time to conduct full security and risk assessments. Bad actors have quickly seized the opportunity by increasing the size, frequency and sophistication of attacks.

Clearly, GRC as usual is no longer sufficient. The typical approach – a reactive stance with a heavy reliance on spreadsheets and manual tasks versus a proactive stance – must give way to automated identification, detection and response to keep up.

At the same time, organizations must shift from a periodic, check-the-box approach to compliance to a more comprehensive risk program that coordinates compliance, cybersecurity and risk management. This game plan aligns risk with business objectives and prioritizes always-on risk monitoring.

But we know that’s easier said than done. Read this white paper to see how you can develop a plan that utilizes automation to make some of this a reality.