Risk Insiders Webinar

GRC’s Top 3 Unfulfilled Promises

Duration: 59 minutes
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And Your Bold, NEW Strategy for a Winning Security Program

Internal assessments, external certifications, and GRC software applications — do you feel you’re doing everything by the book but still can’t stay ahead of rapidly changing risks and regulations?

Well, maybe it’s time for a RISK REFRAME.

Transform your top challenges into opportunities with our eye-opening presentation, so you can…

  • Up your results (with fewer resources!)
  • Regain board confidence by operationalizing risk
  • Score a peek at the NEW capabilities of the RiskOptics ROAR Platform


Presented By

Rob Ellis

Rob Ellis

SVP of Strategy at RiskOptics

Meghan Maneval

Meghan Maneval

Director of Technical Product Management at RiskOptics