Risk Insiders Webinar

Truth or Consequences: Cyber Risk Readiness Trivia

Duration: 43 minutes
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5 Ways to Improve Your
Security Program in 2023

Want to save your company $9.44 million?

All you have to do is get this ONE question right:

How do you prevent a data breach?

Pretty simple, right? Not. At. All. If it were, 83% of U.S. companies wouldn’t spend that much, on average, recovering from such incidents each year.

The truth is, it’s a complex question with many considerations. Are you familiar with them all? Test your cyber readiness in a round of trivia with our Risk Insiders.

In just 60 minutes, you’ll discover how to:

  • Leverage risk management as a business advantage
  • Lay the foundation for an effective infosec program
  • Strengthen your compliance efforts with strong risk management

Presented By

Tricia Scherer

Tricia Scherer

Senior Technical Product Manager
at RiskOptics

Chasserae Coyne

Chasserae Coyne

Technical Product Manager
at RiskOptics