When I first started Reciprocity in 2009 a logo was the last thing on my mind, so I picked a generic star and started building the team.  

However, as our team and ZenGRC Platform have grown, we have realized that the star logo is missing a key component of who we are – working together with our customers to help you achieve your compliance mission.

Today I’m proud to unveil our new logo, which represents the Reciprocity of today.

Reciprocity Logo

The interlocking shapes represent the strong relationship between Reciprocity and you, our partners, as well as the relationship between you, the compliance team, and the rest of your organization.  The shape when they are brought together is evocative of the zen-like infinity symbol, which is no mistake, given the name of our product ZenGRC.

The end result is a logo that we are very proud of, that represents our evolution as a company and our vision for the future. We will continue partnering with you to make your compliance program successful.


Photo Credit: john mcsporran