Manage Compliance & Risk with ZenGRC

  • Accelerate compliance with pre-built content, in-application expert guidance and the insight needed to strengthen compliance while reducing IT risk.
  • Gain contextual insights on your risk posture to make more informed, data-driven decisions.
  • Take action fast when controls fail or risk exceeds targets, with real-time notifications that keep teams connected and informed.

Compliance: Drive Efficiencies with Less Effort

One integrated and automated system of record will keep you ahead of constant regulatory changes. Benefits include:

  • Automation, eliminating tedious manual processes
  • More than 30 pre-loaded frameworks
  • Real-time control status with continuous monitoring and pre-built dashboards

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ROAR Monitor Dashboard
"As we expand our use of ZenGRC, the business value is only going to increase, earning its keep as a strategic asset that's critical to our operations."
Thomas Clark - Mixpanel
"ZenGRC was easy to use, it matched our model for how things ought to be linked & had all the compliance programs we needed. I didn’t find another solution that even came close."
William Dougherty - Omada Health CISO

Risk: Stay Ahead of Ever-Evolving Security Threats

Obtain greater visibility of risks in context to business activities to better manage risks and mitigate business exposure. With ZenGRC, you can:

  • Customizable risk calculations with multivariable scoring
  • Continuous monitoring exposes compliance-related risks in real-time
  • Pre-built risk reporting dashboards and heatmaps, plus benchmark insights

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ROAR Health Dashboard