Manage compliance and risk with confidence and ease.

ZenGRC equips your security and compliance teams with a single, integrated experience that reveals information security risk across your business.

It’s hard to see evolving threats unless they’re exposed. ZenGRC shows where risk is changing in your organization. Learn more about ZenGRC Risk Management.

ZenGRC simplifies audit and compliance management with complete views of control environments, easy access to information necessary for program evaluation and continual compliance monitoring to address critical tasks at any time.  Learn more about ZenGRC Compliance.


Support the full audit process by gathering evidence and reports based on the right control designs and tests.



Protect your business by meeting the privacy expectations of your customers.

Third-Party Risk

Save time, increase visibility and improve vendor relationships with streamlined vendor and third-party risk management that automates questionnaires and assessments, eliminating labor-intensive internal tasks.

Incident Management

Quickly identify and respond to incidents to avoid and minimize loss events.

Governance and Policy Management

Consolidate policies and procedures and automate routine compliance activities in your organization.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Safeguard your business by planning for worst-case scenarios and potential threats.

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