Reciprocity® Risk Intellect is a risk-analysis tool that, when used with ZenGRC®, provides insight on the impact of compliance programs on your cyber risk posture to prioritize activities that strengthen compliance and reduce risk.

By mapping your current compliance control assessments to cyber risks, it provides immediate context and visibility into which cyber risks and controls offer the greatest opportunity for reducing risk.

With expert-provided target scores, risk gap analysis and specific remediation actions, compliance activities can be prioritized, improved and re-used within risk programs to strengthen both compliance and risk management.

By gaining a holistic view of which compliance remediation activities have the greatest impact on reducing overall risk, you can make quick, smart decisions to better protect and secure your enterprise, systems and data, earning the trust of customers, partners and employees.

Deliver Value with Risk Intellect

  • Gain Immediate Insight into your Risk Posture

    By seamlessly integrating with your existing compliance program data, Risk Intellect delivers immediate insight into which controls are reducing risk most. This visibility gives you the same insight from a risk assessment without the effort, allowing you to quickly take action where needed.

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  • Prioritize Compliance Remediation Activities

    A simple, interactive dashboard that goes beyond traditional heatmaps helps you quickly assess and prioritize compliance remediation activities. You can see your overall residual risk score, view and analyze gaps towards defined targets and gain an understanding of how specific controls are affecting risk.

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  • Use Expert-Provided Guidance

    Expert-provided initial target residual risk scores give you a fast start in identifying the strength of your compliance program. Specific calls to action on which controls to adopt, update or remediate help focus limited resources on the areas with the greatest opportunity to reduce risk.

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  • Demonstrate Value Quickly

    Risk Intellect seamlessly integrates with your existing compliance program control and assessment data, and generates a customized view into your current risk posture in minutes—not weeks or months. With a few simple clicks, you gain insight and a detailed understanding of how to strengthen your compliance program and reduce risk.

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Risk Intellect can help you:

Effortlessly Gain Insight into your Cyber Risk Posture by:

  • Integrating seamlessly with Reciprocity ZenGRC
  • Using the Secure Control Framework’s (SCF) catalog of cybersecurity risks
  • Providing insight into your overall residual risk score
  • Automatically generating a view of residual risk across 32 cyber risks

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Prioritize Opportunities to Reduce Risk by:

  • Using a simple, interactive dashboard that goes beyond heatmaps
  • Leveraging expert-provided initial target residual risk scores
  • Viewing inherent risk versus residual risk for each of the 32 SCF cyber risks
  • Understanding which controls are increasing and decreasing risk and why
  • Refreshing scoring and tracking progress made towards defined risk reduction goals
  • Modifying target risk scores to fit your organization’s requirements

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Take a Proactive Approach to Compliance and Risk by:

  • Getting an immediate view of your current risk posture
  • Seeing which cyber risks offer the greatest opportunity for risk reduction
  • Focusing attention on the specific controls that are impacting risk the most
  • Utilizing suggestions on which controls to adopt, update or remediate
  • Taking action with direct links to to specific controls within ZenGRC

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Risk Intellect screenshot

See Risk Intellect in Action

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ZenGRC + Risk Intellect:

Connecting compliance and cyber risk management

The insights gained from using Risk Intellect are only as good as the compliance data behind it. That’s why when Risk Intellect is paired with the Reciprocity ZenGRC platform, you’re able to unlock cyber risk insights using the existing compliance data from ZenGRC. This makes gaining insight into your risk posture immediate and effortless.

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