Benchmark Reports

ZenGRC’s Benchmark Reports deliver vital contextual information to help you tell the story of your organization’s maturity over time and in comparison to other companies in your industry.


Peer Group Comparisons

Select companies and define your peer groups based on firmographic data, frameworks and software environments.


Historical Trends

Give credibility to your executive reports by comparing your performance to your peer groups over time so you can easily assess whether you need to make adjustments to your approach.



View red flags to see which of your controls cause an unusually high number of challenges for peers with similar controls.


ZenGRC Dashboards provide greater visibility into required information security program metrics, drive more actionable insights and gap analysis, and showcase progress to key stakeholders to justify future program investment as your program evolves.


Purpose-Built Dashboards

Equipped with three primary dashboards — System of Record, Compliance and Risk Heat Map — you can address how specific risk components and statuses get communicated to the organization.


Customizable Dashboards

Build compliance and risk program dashboards based on what you want to track and share and integrate them with preferred visualization tools.

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