ZenConnect™ integrates all of your business applications for automatic, continuous — and worry-free — risk and compliance management. By eliminating the middleman and enabling the use of apps already in workflows, data collection can be managed simply and efficiently through a single source of truth.


Pre-built and tested integrations empower greater efficiencies.

Automate key tasks.

Save time and resources by eliminating manual requirements for essential tasks.

Integrate into existing workflows.

Seamless integrations with existing systems eliminates the need to change business processes.

Streamline information management.

A centralized system accessible by all stakeholders equips teams with the evidence and insights necessary to complete audits.

ZenConnect integrations

Automatically sync with tickets and workflows for compliance to-dos and audit requests in-app.

Perform ZenGRC compliance tasks and complete workflows in ServiceNow — or vice-versa — using bidirectional integration.

Always be audit-ready as ZenGRC continuously monitors your cloud environment and sends compliance alerts automatically.

Gather data from your IT infrastructure, generate reports, and validate compliance with critical security frameworks—automatically.

Easily and efficiently communicate about compliance tasks, audit requests and approvals, workflows and more.

Enhance reporting on risk and compliance programs, vendor management, risk posture and audit progress using ZenGRC data.

Enable audit teams to retrieve scan reports directly from ZenGRC, ensuring vulnerability detection and remediation processes are operating effectively.

Automate tracking of assets and vulnerabilities in all your cloud environments.

Collect evidence from your stored documents automatically for complete, worry-free compliance audit trails.

Use ZenGRC to access your stored documents and gather evidence for compliance audits—automatically.

Complete audit trails with evidence collected smoothly and efficiently from your stored documents and access evidence requests.

Gather audit-trail evidence from your stored documents, and manage risk and compliance workflows with ease.

Give ZenGRC single-sign-on access via OneLogin for worry-free monitoring, reporting and evidence collection across your stack.

Use Okta to sign on once with ZenGRC, saving time and effort, increasing security and achieving oneness with your stack.

Unify your stack by using ADFS to sign on once with ZenGRC for enhanced security that's easy, fast and worry-free.

Use DUO to sign on once with ZenGRC for enhanced security and worry-free compliance across your stack.

Sign on once to ZenGRC using Centrify and save time and effort, increase security and achieve oneness with your stack.

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