Customer Stories

Before RiskOptics, we were Reciprocity with a GRC solution called ZenGRC. Since then we’ve changed our name and developed a more robust software solution called the ROAR Platform that ties compliance and risk together and offers a more strategic way to approach risk management.

However, the way we help our customers has not changed. The customer stories below show how our customers have used ZenGRC to solve compliance and risk challenges. Our goal with ROAR remains the same.

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A leading resort management company was on a rapid growth trajectory, spurred by a flurry of acquisitions and employment spiking to nearly 50,000 employees during peak seasons. Yet the organization’s infosec processes hadn’t scaled accordingly, continuing to rely on email and spreadsheets as the basis for GRC activities.

Suddenly we found ourselves in 2019 with multimillion dollar operations and knew it was time to rethink and mature our GRC program — and fast.

Organization’s Director

Information Security

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Conversica is a leading provider of Intelligent Virtual Assistants, helping organizations attract, acquire and grow customers at scale. Serving as virtual team members and autonomously engaging contacts, prospects and customers, the Intelligent Virtual Assistants have reached more than 100 million on behalf of thousands of companies.

We felt confident we were getting sound guidance from the GRC Experts, leaning on their broad framework expertise and to support our planning and execution.

Sonya Lowrance,

Director Information Security with Conversica

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Partnering with Reciprocity, Omada Health is doing more than improving its information security — it’s paving the way for a more secure industry.

Trust and safety are foundations for everything we do, our differentiators in the marketplace include our security, our trustworthiness and our safety.

William Dougherty

Omada Health’s CISO.

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The value of ZenGRC extends beyond effective resource utilization, with Beeline estimating fast ROI. The automation within the platform has eliminated the need for additional support staff, providing savings well beyond the cost of deployment.

This collaboration has made our audits much more efficient, requiring fewer internal staff to manage the process, allowing us to utilize those resources
on other projects.

Emily Betz

Cyber Security Compliance Manager with Beeline.

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Like many Reciprocity customers seeking out a GRC platform, Datto was using spreadsheets to manage compliance initiatives. The internal team wanted a solution to build a compliance monitoring and management program from the ground up, supporting SOC 2 audits, as well as NIST, CMMC and SOX frameworks.

We now have a scalable platform that supports our company’s growth, enabling us to home in on priorities based on our existing control maturity and overall compliance and risk posture

Christopher Henderson

Director, Information Security with Datto