Customer Stories

Before RiskOptics, we were Reciprocity with a GRC solution called ZenGRC. Since then we’ve changed our name and developed a more robust software solution called the ROAR Platform that ties compliance and risk together and offers a more strategic way to approach risk management.

However, the way we help our customers has not changed. The customer stories below show how our customers have used ZenGRC to solve compliance and risk challenges. Our goal with ROAR remains the same.

Third-party vendors introduce significant risk to a company’s information security
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Third-party vendors introduce significant risk to a company’s information security. Assessing threats and monitoring risk mitigation efforts is critical, yet more difficult, for third-parties’ systems. Tracking many entities, who operate in numerous industries, countries, and regulatory regimes, increases the complexity even more.

We wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are in our risk management program without ZenGRC

Cyber Risk Manager

Global Pharmaceutical Company

Scaling up Information Security and Compliance Programs without increasing headcount
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Netskope is a leading security cloud company with offices in 6 countries. Netskope security cloud provides unrivaled visibility and inline data and threat protection when accessing cloud services, websites, and private applications from anywhere, on any device. Netskope’s customers, many highly-regulated, need their vendors to align with their global compliance requirements.

We’re integrating different toolsets to reduce manual processes. One of my goals is to reduce overhead so the business can scale, and that’s where automation is paramount.

Data Protection Officer, Netskope

Meeting evolving InfoSec mandates, when starting nearly from scratch.
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Financial Service

One of Reciprocity’s customers is a publicly-traded financial technology company. When it engaged Reciprocity, the company had over one million customers, and its products were in use in over 180 countries. It has over 2,500 employees and offices on four continents, but its products are cloud-based.

We’ve achieved all our compliance objectives. We’re in a really good compliance posture going forward.

Security Risk Team Lead

International Financial Software Company