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At RiskOptics, we believe in empowering our community with knowledge. Our e-books are designed to provide you with comprehensive insights into the ever-evolving landscape of risk and compliance.

Five Best Practices for Improved Risk Management

As businesses settle into the “new normal” of a riskier security environment, they need a more strategic approach to managing these risks, beyond just “check the box” compliance. Read this guide to learn five best practices for achieving this goal.

Internal Controls Best Practices

This ebook provides an in-depth view into internal controls, types, benefits and best practices. If your organization is planning to revamp or implement a system of internal controls, download this ebook to see how to optimize these processes.

Best Practice Guide: Using Automation to Transform Risk Management

In this guide, we’ll review the three-stage process – plan, execute and report – for developing and implementing a risk management strategy.

How to Calculate Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance

In this eBook, we share how to calculate risk appetite and risk tolerance using risk metrics to set the foundation of your ERM strategy. Learn how to calculate residual risk, how to use residual risk calculations to determine risk appetite and tolerance, and how to apply risk appetite and tolerance in the real-world.

Beyond Compliance: How a Risk Maturity Model Advances Strategic Business Objectives

Discover what a risk maturity model is and how it can enable greater scalability and sustainability in this Guide, including: Why “fit it and forget it” is a dangerous perspective on enterprise risk management, the 4 benefits of employing a risk maturity model, the systematic and quantitative methodology underlying the risk maturity model, and more.

Your 4-Step Guide to Setting Up a Risk Committee

Financial crises. Cyberattacks. Civil unrest. Pandemic. All have assaulted organizational equilibrium within just two years. Do you think your Board of Directors has the capacity to track and analyze this ever-shifting risk landscape?

How to Approach Inherent and Residual Risk

To implement a robust ERM program, organizations must understand and evaluate numerous types of risk including inherent, residual, and control risks. In this guide, we explain these types of risks and how to align them to your strategic objectives.

Cybersecurity Risk: A Top Issue in the Boardroom

Read the report to hear from other organizations on the challenges they are facing within cybersecurity risk and the areas that might drive decision making to address corporate risk-related issues for the foreseeable future.

DOJ Consideration for 3rd Party Risk in Your Compliance Program

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) released the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs in 2020, which provided new directives on how the aspect of third-party risk management should be evaluated in corporate compliance programs.

A Risk Insider’s Guide to Buying GRC and Risk Management Technology

In this guide, we’ll look at how GRC has evolved over time and hone in on the technology that has evolved along with it, offering you specific questions to ask and capabilities to look for along the way. This will be your definitive guide to finding the right GRC and Risk Management Solution.

Best Practices to Mitigate Vendor Risk Within Your Supply Chain

In this eBook, we share best practices that will empower organizations to embed robust VRM into their organizations so they can avoid the risk of non-compliance penalties, disruption of business, reputation damage, and loss of revenue.

How to Build a Risk Register

In this guide, we’ll cover why risk registers are critical to business success, what risk registers should identify, how to develop your risk register and more!

How to Build a Risk Ownership Model

Every company must deal with risk, whether compliance-related, financial, legal, operational or otherwise. Through risk assessment, companies have a competitive advantage over those unaware of their potential risk landscape.

Experts Guide to GRC Tools

How to Choose the GRC Tool with the Greatest Returns in 6 Steps. Use this 6-Step Ultimate Guide to GRC Tool Evaluation, so you can see the greatest returns on your investment.

Assess Your Enterprise Risk Management Maturity in 6 Simple Steps

Assessing your enterprise risk management maturity is the first step to understanding its risk appetite and devising a plan for managing, mitigating, and eliminating threats to your revenue, potential competitiveness, cybersecurity, compliance, and reputation.

How to Build a Risk Management Plan

Agility is the answer to modern risk management, and it can’t live in a static document or spreadsheet. Your organization’s best defense against the ever-shifting risk landscape is a comprehensive and evolving risk management plan.

7 Best Practices to Modernize Your Third-Party Risk Management

Today’s challenging business climate – with its growing uncertainty, greater complexity and increasingly disruptive cyber threats – has been a wakeup call to improve third-party risk management (TPRM). For these reasons, organizations are looking for ways to improve their approach.

2023 RiskOptics Cyber Risk Viewpoints Report

Conducted in March 2023, this report sets out to understand current challenges companies are facing involving cybersecurity and IT risk, as well as steps organizations are taking to combat this risk.

Compliance Management Best Practices

Is your organization managing compliance with spreadsheets? You’re not alone. It’s a natural starting point in growing organizations and initially makes a lot of sense, with its advantages.

Your Enterprise Risk Management Audit Checklist

Enterprise organizations face risk daily. They must determine which risks present an opportunity to grow and which must be mitigated. Enterprise risk management (ERM) focuses on empowering these organizations to minimize loss while maximizing reward.