You’re not using spreadsheets to manage your compliance programs. That’s great! But if you chose a solution that is built exclusively for compliance, you may be missing out on some key capabilities that can help you provide better value to your organization.

Let’s explore some of the pitfalls around compliance-only solutions:

  • Costly to build out a full compliance program

    Many compliance solutions require post-purchase costs to get the most out of the tool including adding additional frameworks, content licensing fees and expert consulting.

  • Easy to outgrow

    With a compliance-only solution, you can only do compliance. You can’t see the impact of compliance on your risk posture which limits the value of your compliance program to the organization.

  • Takes more effort than expected

    With limited in-app expertise and guidance, and limited to no pre-defined relationships between requirements, controls, evidence templates, risks and threats, the learning curve can be steeper than expected and time-to-value delayed.

  • Unable to see the full picture

    With only a high-level view-no view of risk at the program level-you’re unable to take actions to bring project-specific risk to an acceptable level. Plus, you won’t have the visibility of how actions taken in one program may impact others.

  • Tied to a framework, not a business activity

    Centering on frameworks creates a siloed approach and prevents you from mixing and matching frameworks, risk registers and scoring methodologies to assess all the factors that may impact your residual risk for your business priorities.

The RiskOptics ROAR Platform can move you from checking the box with compliance to taking a more strategic approach to compliance and IT risk management.

Because RiskOptics ties risk to your business strategy and provides two levels of actionable insight you can put risk in terms your business stakeholders care about by showing the direct impact of risk on high-priority business initiatives.

The ROAR Platform offers prescriptive guidance to help in selecting the right mix of requirements and controls, pre-loaded content, workflow automation and continuous risk monitoring across the unified platform to help you avoid the pitfalls of a compliance-only solution.

Contact us today for a free demo to see how the ROAR Platform outperforms compliance-only solutions. And read this free white paper to learn more about taking your compliance programs to the next level.

5 Pitfalls of a Compliance-Only Solution