Excerpt from article originally posted on HelpNetSecurity

by Michael Maggio, EVP of Product

Michael Maggio, EVP of ProductThe pandemic accelerated the need for risk management strategies, as it exposed gaps in many GRC programs. Today’s GRC solutions provide content and tools to assess, manage and monitor compliance and risk. Here are 3 key considerations when selecting a GRC solution:

How fast can you see value? Effective compliance is a catalyst for reducing risk in organizations. While spreadsheets and email are familiar, you want an intuitive, simple user experience that collects and organizes related data in one central place and adds prescriptive guidance, best practices, and available GRC expertise. This mitigates user apprehension, drives adoption and delivers business value quickly.

Will it shorten audit cycles? Effective solutions use automation, integrations, available content and pre-built workflows to drive efficiency. Can controls for one framework be re-used in others? Solutions that provide a single source of truth for compliance controls enable immediate needs to be met and allow expansion, re-use and on-going efficiency as compliance and risk programs mature.

Does it help you be more proactive? Visibility into performance and gaps through actionable insights, benchmarking and reporting helps you get ahead versus always being reactive. You can focus on improving and monitoring controls to strengthen compliance and reduce risks.

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