Discover Ways to Secure Your Business

86% of enterprise risk management leaders say their decisions often lead to avoidable risk events.

80% of GRC leaders agree their risk and compliance teams are under-resourced.

…and with a security skills gap in the US of 3.4 million people, finding enough qualified candidates to manage manual risk processes is a significant roadblock.

The most significant risks to your business success:

  • The evolving threat landscape
  • Insider threats
  • Skills shortages
  • IT infrastructure intricacies
  • Regulatory compliance challenges
  • New GDPR complexities
  • Third-party risks

Staying ahead of the evolving threat landscape, ensuring compliance, and proactive threat mitigation takes up time your team does not have.

Your network needs:

  • Proactive defense measures
  • Constant compliance monitoring

Addressing these challenges requires a risk and compliance approach that is

  • Comprehensive
  • Automated
  • Proactive

…yet many organizations still rely on cumbersome, error-prone manual processes — wasting your team’s already precious work hours.

You need an easier way to secure your business

To secure your organization in the modern threat landscape, you need an integrated GRC tool.

One integrated, automated system of record will help your business:

  • Stay ahead of constant regulatory changes
  • Obtain greater visibility of business risks
  • Mitigate business risk exposure

RiskOptics is your solution.

With the RiskOptics ROAR platform, you have access to:

  • Multivariable and automated scoring connects the building blocks of risk
  • Continuous monitoring, which exposes compliance-related risks in real-time
  • Pre-built risk reporting dashboards and heatmaps, plus benchmark insights

The RiskOptics ROAR Platform allows you to see, understand, and take action on your compliance and risk postures.

With a unified, real-time view of risk and compliance — framed around your business priorities — you will have the insight needed to:

  • Seamlessly manage risk
  • Align security IT activities to strategic goals and compliance obligations
  • Help strengthen cybersecurity
  • Eliminate organizational data silos
  • Promote data protection transparency
  • Reduce uncertainty and costs
  • Improve business decision-making
  • Reduce hours of manual tasks
  • Automate previously manual processes
  • Clearly communicate with key stakeholders
  • Earn the trust of your customers, partners, and employees

infographic - How Risk Exposed Is Your Company?

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Say goodbye to disconnected teams, application silos, and discrete reporting, and get a unified, real-time, communicable view of risk and compliance.

Ready to take control of your risk? Read our buyers guide to help you choose the best solution for your business.