Running an Incident Management Program for state or local governments means you must be able to effectively assess incidents to determine the impact to your systems, risks and controls. Yet in order to do this well, your incident response process requires you to complete planning activities that are aligned with your overall GRC program and information security policies — and you must accomplish all of this within your budget.

Watch Reciprocity GRC Expert Alan Gouveia, who served as a local government GRC Manager for the City and County of Denver, as he taps into his vast experience to walk you through how to best plan and prepare for incident response and correlate those incidents to existing policies, risks, controls and other ZenGRC objects.

During this 45-minute session he discusses how to:

  • Define roles to ensure effective and efficient documentation
  • Document the root cause of an incident and communicate its impact and results to leadership
  • Determine the impact of incident on your risks

Duration: 45 minutes