Surface Cyber Risk to Seize the “Opportunity of a Lifetime”


  • Michael Maggio, Executive Vice President of Product

    Michael Maggio

    CEO at Reciprocity

  • Rob Ellis, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy

    Rob Ellis

    SVP of Strategy at Reciprocity

  • Christopher Gerg, CISO at Perforce Software

    Christopher Gerg

    CISO at Perforce Software

  • Rick Bill, CISO at Fayetteville Technical Community College

    Rick Bill

    CISO at Fayetteville Technical Community College

“The opportunity of a lifetime could be behind why so many CISOs are moving from job to job.”

– Theresa Payton, former White House CIO 1

What’s the opportunity earning top CISOs higher salaries than the president and making them strategic C-Suite allies?2

Surfacing – and staying ahead of – cyber risk.

A tall order when you’re tasked with upping IT defenses (without the budget and manpower). Many infosec professionals succumb to burnout BEFORE reaching their professional peak.

How can you bring your program up to speed with strategic business goals in 2023 (even if you’re on a resource-strapped team)? With insights from Reciprocity CEO Michael Maggio and a panel of experts!

During this 60 minute presentation you’ll discover the:

  • Biggest infosec trends heading your way next year
  • Top cyber risk roadblocks (and how to beat them)
  • Strategic shifts to translating risk to get board buy-in

Duration: 60 minutes