Off to the Races: Reciprocity Onboarding Services Drive Rapid Time-to-Value for ZenGRC Customers

Discover how Reciprocity’s Onboarding and Implementation Services help customers get up and running in just a few weeks.

Business challenge

After organizations say “yes” to using the ZenGRC platform to manage their compliance and information security risk, the clock is often ticking, with audit deadlines looming and pressure building to improve risk and compliance – fast. Customers want to reap promised GRC control, visibility, and efficiency gains as soon as possible, eager to address immediate needs and build a GRC foundation to support their long-term objectives.


Reciprocity’s Product Implementation Expert team sets organizations up for success, with hands-on implementation support, customized user training, and expert consulting that enables them to easily and efficiently get the most out of the ZenGRC platform today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Recognize fast time-to-value
Meet pressing audit deadlines and infosec requirements
Achieve desired framework complexity and program maturity
Teams ready to manage their risk and compliance programs from ZenGRC

Customized and Recognized

Since no two customers use the ZenGRC platform in the exact same way, Reciprocity’s onboarding approach is centered around customization. By first getting to know a customer’s GRC goals, timeline and metrics for success, the team is able to create a tailored onboarding plan that aligns with outlined business objectives. The goal: ensure all stakeholders have the resources they need to implement the platform quickly and drive desired outcomes including increased compliance efficiency, risk mitigation, and cost and time savings.

Just how quickly? With efficient and streamlined implementation, Reciprocity means business – recognized by the G2 crowd numerous times for delivering the fastest time-to-value.

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The Need for Speed

For customers with imminent audit deadlines, implementations are prioritized to meet immediate goals. Key onboarding processes are fast-tracked, including preparation and import of controls, set up of focus frameworks, review of audit workflows, and training on templates for evidence requests.

“The usability and efficiency that ZenGRC provides is outstanding. The seeded content preloaded by Reciprocity’s onboarding team gave us a huge jumpstart. We were able to get up and running in less than 15 days.”

Meghan Maneval, Risk and Field Security Manager, GitLab

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Customer Spotlight: Onboarding to Audit in 14 Days

When Mixpanel, a leading product analytics software company, purchased the ZenGRC platform, the company’s SOC audit was just weeks away. Reciprocity’s Onboarding Services team moved swiftly to prioritize the SOC audit, integrating the company’s third-party auditor workflows, delivering user training and supporting seamless integration with Slack. The result: Mixpanel’s time spent on audit-related activities was reduced by 25 percent.

“From getting our controls loaded into ZenGRC, to assisting with single sign on and Slack integration, the support we received from Reciprocity is the number one reason we were up and running so quickly and efficiently.”

Thomas Clark, Senior Information Security Manager, Mixpanel

Resources Galore

Customers have instant access to ZenGRC University, an extensive resource library that includes step-by-step tutorials on topics such as platform administration and control mapping. Additional support is available from GRC Experts, who have the real-world experience to provide pragmatic consultative guidance, as well as from Customer Success Managers, who help customers achieve their business goals and partner on roadmaps as infosec and compliance needs evolve.

“We have had a fantastic experience with onboarding. The team was very skilled in showing the capability of ZenGRC, teaching us features and capabilities that we didn’t even know were possible. We also benefited from a Reciprocity GRC Expert to help us identify specific ways to use the tool to accomplish our GRC goals.”

Mike Phillips, Governance, Risk, and Compliance Analyst, MX

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Built for the future

With multiple infosec solutions accessible via the single ZenGRC platform, customers can easily scale and mature their GRC activities to support business growth. Plus, Reciprocity’s unique benchmark comparisons and reporting capabilities deliver significant insights into information security risk management compared to industry peers, identifying opportunities for potential improvement.

“Training sessions with an onboarding expert are crucial for starting your ZenGRC experience on the right foot, as they help organizations understand how the platform will best fit their needs. Professional and patient, experts guide you through core concepts, showcasing ZenGRC’s flexibility and providing handy productivity tips and tricks. After they import the programs you need to work with, you see how the mapping works between programs, controls, risks, and vendors, and it will spur you to populate the platform with as much relevant data as you can.”

Rob Clark, Senior Security Compliance Specialist, IT Security, Stantec

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ZenGRC for Compliance

Manage controls across multiple frameworks and maintain visibility on statutory and regulatory changes.

ZenGRC for Cyber Risk

Mitigate the information security risks you expect – as well as the ones you can’t see coming.