New, innovative risk-assessment product enables compliance-driven cyber risk management

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Nov. 3, 2021 – Reciprocity, a leader in information security risk and compliance, today announced Reciprocity® Risk Intellect, which provides organizations with a unique view of how their compliance programs are impacting their risk posture. This innovative new risk-assessment product delivers immediate, automated insight to information security teams, enabling them to easily and efficiently prioritize the right activities to both strengthen their compliance and reduce risks – including data loss, cyberattacks, system failures, and security breaches.

Risk Intellect complements Reciprocity’s ZenGRC® solution, allowing companies to quickly and easily connect the dots between existing compliance programs and the company’s risk posture by providing contextual views into which controls have the greatest impact on reducing risk. This insight, combined with target risk scores and guidance provided by Reciprocity GRC Experts on how to further reduce risk, help infosec teams to prioritize, improve, and re-use compliance controls and assessments to strengthen their organization’s compliance program and reduce cyber risk.

“Reciprocity Risk Intellect will make it effortless for compliance-focused companies to see their world through a risk-based lens, ensuring they have immediate insight into their risk posture – without the need to conduct inherent, residual risk assessments,” said Michael Maggio, EVP of Product for Reciprocity. “Reciprocity is committed to developing and delivering the industry’s best and most innovative governance, risk, and compliance solutions on the market. The introduction of Risk Intellect, which provides immediate, actionable insight in just minutes, will enable companies to quickly and effectively optimize their compliance programs while reducing risks.

“If we’d had a product like Risk Intellect two years ago when we first set out to build our cyber risk management program here at Monster, we’d have saved ourselves immeasurable time, money, and re-work,” said Peter Fahlstrom, Senior Security Engineer for Monster. “Reciprocity has done an incredible job of building a true jumpstart for companies transitioning from compliance-focused checklists to strategic risk management.”

Risk Intellect enables companies to:

  • Gain automated insight into their risk posture by leveraging existing compliance data to get immediate insight into the impact of current compliance programs.
  • Easily prioritize compliance remediation activities by utilizing multiple views to quickly identify controls with the greatest impact in strengthening compliance and reducing risk.
  • Make smart decisions, faster, by leveraging expert-suggested inherent and target risk scores, as well as specific guidance to further reduce risk.
  • Strengthen compliance programs over time by utilizing a continuously updated view of their risk posture to demonstrate quantifiable improvements.
  • Take a proactive approach by moving beyond point-in-time audits and “check-the-box” compliance to a more proactive, quantifiable approach to compliance and risk.

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