Match the Right RiskOptics GRC Solution to Your Needs

RiskOptics is committed to supporting you no matter where you are in your GRC journey. We offer two products, ZenGRC and ROAR, which are each uniquely positioned to transform GRC from a burdensome expense to a strategic advantage.

When is ZenGRC right for me?

For organizations with complex requirements, ZenGRC delivers the flexibility to configure GRC processes to meet your organization’s unique needs. ZenGRC provides a unified view of governance, compliance and risk, enabling greater real-time visibility into organization-wide activity.

Choose ZenGRC if you need to:

  • Utilize custom content to track internal obligations, contract stipulations and other requirements
  • Configure complex processes to reflect your internal GRC processes
  • Integrate with multiple systems across your tech stack using an API
  • Configure and utilize multiple risk scoring methodologies
  • Manage end-to-end vendor risk management from risk scoring, response weighting to remediating findings
  • Generate granular GRC reports based on markets, products, industries, facilities, data centers and other factors
  • Require custom attributes to track internal metrics and descriptors at a granular level
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When is ROAR right for me?

ROAR (Risk Observation, Assessment and Remediation) provides a unified, real-time view of compliance and risk in the context of what matters most to your organization. Ideal for mid-market organizations interested in centralizing, simplifying and automating their internal GRC processes. The solution provides out-of-the-box content, integrations and automated workflows reflecting best practices to maximize efficiency while enabling executives to make risk-informed, strategic decisions.

Choose ROAR if you need to:

  • Establish or strengthen GRC best practices
  • Integrate quickly and easily with leading applications 
  • Automate evidence collection and audit tasks
  • Manage the risk of your third-party providers and services
  • Get real-time risk scores to surface areas of high risk
  • Realize value and impact fast with no services required
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