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Our experts can transform, grow and operate your GRC and cyber risk programs

Get the Most Out of your Cyber Risk Program

Reciprocity’s GRC and cyber risk services help build agile and risk-aware organizations that are set up to make better decisions, achieve strategic objectives and determine risk investment priorities.

Led by a world-class team of risk professionals, our approach to operational risk management unifies risk management activities across all business functions, resulting in comprehensive visibility into risk exposure and relationships.

We can help you identify ways to meet your goals and—with a large suite of services—define the right services to get you there.

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Managed Services

Risk Management-as-a-Service

Improve risk and compliance activities through our leading methods, experienced risk professionals and global footprint.

GRC Operations-as-a-Service

Manage your Reciprocity product suite inclusive of set-up, administration and monitoring.

GRC Staff Augmentation

Gain highly experienced experts to augment your organization’s skills and capacity.

PoAM or Vulnerability Managed Services

Manage the identification and remediation of Plans of Action and Milestones (PoAM) and technical vulnerabilities.

IT Regulatory Management

Understand the impact of regulatory changes on your IT assets, IT controls and related business processes.

GRC Strategic Consulting

IT and Security Policy Program Management

Establish a scalable, flexible system of governance to manage IT and security policies.

Cyber Incident and Breach Response

Take inventory of organizational and IT assets with full business context to drive incident prioritization.

IT Controls Assurance

Assess and report on IT control performance across assets and automate control assessments and monitoring.

Framework Implementation

Build an implementation plan for your required frameworks inclusive of detailed instructions and roadmap.

Change Management

Understand the impact of required changes to your risk program and safely implement the updates.

Board Consulting

Develop effective corporate governance and ensure meaningful reporting focused on cybersecurity initiatives.

Next-Gen Enterprise Risk Management

Stay agile, reduce performance variability and enhance your resiliency into existing enterprise risk management processes.

Risk Function Optimization

Optimize risk management efforts and assess the impact of digitization on the risk function.

Digital Risk Management

Understand, assess and manage risks during your company’s digital transformation.

Advanced Risk Analytics and Foresights

Advanced sectoral analytics that provides sharp insights on process deviations and operational inefficiencies.

GRC Technology Enablement

Harness risk and opportunities by leveraging synergies across GRC to look at them in an integrated way.

Application Security

Assess, design and implement scalable and sustainable application security.

Controls Transformation

Reduce the cost of controls by 20% to 40% and align risk management efforts with strategic objectives.

Third-party Risk Management

Simplify third-party risk management and gain assurance over the contract delivery.

Program Risk Management

Identify, manage and respond to program risks in order to improve program execution and successful outcomes.

Regulatory Compliance

Navigate the compliance journey with governance and ongoing risk monitoring frameworks.

Risk Maturity Assessment

Evaluate the maturity of your current risk program and design, build and implement your desired future state.


Identify, document, and manage the appropriate CMMC practices and processes required for improved cybersecurity hygiene.


Stand up the system of record for FedRAMP, including the documentation buildout of the FedRAMP SSP.

DSP and CSOP Implementation

Implement and customize the Digital Security Program and Cybersecurity Standardized Operating Procedures from Compliance Forge.

Customized Reporting

Implement customized reports and dashboards within ZenGRC based on customer-identified use cases.

Customized APIs and Workflows

Develop customized APIs and workflows between GRC and risk tools and systems.

Customized Consulting Services

Review of customer needs to identify and scope the appropriate consulting services.

Audit Preparation

Prepare, manage, and review the control evidence gathering for internal or external audits.