Written by: Scott Nash, VP of Product 

 Reciprocity’s mission is to connect the people, processes, and technologies critical to our customers information security risk and compliance management. As InfoSec becomes increasingly more complex, our customers want to become more agile in their risk management strategy. It is important for them to have better visibility and be able to respond to changes quickly.  

We’ve built upon ZenGRC’s core risk functionality to introduce a powerful new set of risk intelligence tools. The latest additions provide visibility on how multiple risks interact, its potential impact, probability occurrence, and remediation plans.  ZenGRC Risk Management helps organizations increase their risk intelligence and evolve towards a proactive risk management strategy. 

Here’s what we’ve launched: 

 We’ve expanded ZenGRC’s Risk Management solution to provide a centralized, fully-customizable platform that will advance your InfoSec Risk program while furthering your organization’s business goals. 

 These enhancements to ZenGRC enable our customers to have a comprehensive understanding of their organization’s complete risk landscape. With the ability to aggregate risks, ZenGRC provides objective insight and illustrates interconnected risks across the organization.  

Notable features: 

  •   Pre-loaded Risk Content leverages industry-standard tools and techniques.  Risk registers like SCF’s and NIST’s, the Cyber Risk Catalog, and the RISQ Management Enterprise Risk Register facilitate identification and tracking of risk exposure. Incorporating multiple risk assessment methods, like CIS-RAM Simplified and RISQ Simplified, bolsters risk modeling and analytics.

  • Risk Calculations, customized around the factors most important to your organization, give meaningful insights.  Select the attributes to be tracked and assign weights across multiple variables. With customer-defined vectors, you can evaluate the impact, likelihood, and velocity of risks.

  • Better workflows increase efficiency and turn ad-hoc processes into repeatable workflows, customizable to reflect the nuances of your organization’s operational and business decisions.

  • Real-time Visibility facilitates tracking, reporting, and required actions on all risk objects.  You can visualize overall risks, or drill down into risks accepted, mitigated, shifted, or avoided. 

Better Risk Intelligence Creates Value

The new features we’ve released today, and all that is to come in our roadmap, enable ZenGRC to provide the highest level of risk intelligence for our customers.  With real-time information, our customers are empowered to make data-backed decisions, resulting in huge cost savings and return on investments. 

With our additional enhancements for identifying, assessing, and managing InfoSec risks, ZenGRC delivers more value, provides better visibility, and enables faster decision making. 

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