What is a FedRAMP Certification?

Cloud service providers (CSPs) that want to work in the federal government sector must obtain FedRAMP certification. FedRAMP certification benefits small and large CSPs because it boosts sec ...
June 22, 2022

What is FedRAMP?

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, or FedRAMP, is a federal government program to provide a standardized approach for security assessment, authorization, and continuous m ...
May 14, 2021

Why do Compliance Programs Fail?

Understand why compliance programs fail, and where you can identify failure points and vulnerabilities before they become liabilities.  What is a compliance program? Corporate complianc ...
May 4, 2021

How to Simplify State and Local Government Incident Management

OUR GRC EXPERT SHARES HIS REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCES Running an Incident Management Program for state or local governments means you must be able to effectively assess incidents to determine ...
April 16, 2021

Why is FedRAMP Important for State and Local Agencies?

FedRAMP (the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) was launched by a group of federal agencies that realized the efficiency of having a single risk-based standard for cloud serv ...
February 24, 2021

Is AWS FedRAMP Certified?

Is AWS FedRAMP Certified? Yes. On May 21, 2013, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced that AWS GovCloud (US) and all U.S. AWS Regions had been FedRAMP certified.  At that time, each AWS r ...
August 6, 2019

What Are FedRamp Levels?

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a federal program that ensures that the proper level of information security is in place when U.S. government agencies acce ...
August 6, 2019