Last week, we hosted a webinar titled “6 Time-Saving Steps to Simplify Your GRC Strategy.” Edgile GRC Partner, Kevin Burman, and Reciprocity GRC Expert Dave Schmoeller talked about how to set up your GRC program for success and gave some time-saving tips to give you better visibility into your organization’s risk and a stronger justification of your compliance budget.

Some key highlights from the discussion:

  • Remember that GRC should be technology-agnostic. The program you build to manage GRC is then enabled by technology, not driven by technology. The first step is to architect your business processes and define your goals, and then choose a technology designed to help you meet those goals.
  • The overall objective is to have a simple but effective GRC program that aligns different compliance programs and provides accountability and consistency.  The five key success indicators for your program are simplicity, effectiveness, alignment, accountability and consistency.
  • A GRC tool can provide many strategic and tactical advantages, such as streamlining your strategy, centralizing a single source of truth for all compliance information, and saving you time in managing your program.

If you weren’t able to join us for the live webinar, be sure to check out the on demand recording [insert link] and download the executive summary.