Welcome to the Zen of GRC – a new voice in the world of governance, risk management, audits, and compliance.

For many companies, the challenges of compliance can be at odds with innovation. They spend valuable time and resources struggling with a compliance burden that is growing in both complexity and size. Yesterday’s approach of disjointed spreadsheets, emails, documents, and manual processes stifles innovation rather than supporting it.

But when companies are growing from zero to billions in no time flat, it’s all the more important that they govern their compliance requirements effectively in order to scale properly. Every company, from the smallest startup to a giant corporation, must find an agile way to deal with their compliance needs. That is where the Zen of GRC comes in.

I’m Ken Lynch, founder and CEO of Reciprocity, a startup with a new take on compliance. In this blog we will explore the GRC world with some new perspectives. Like a walk through a Zen garden, we will explore new and unexpected developments in the industry, and sometimes pause to contemplate the way the GRC world is going.

Along the way, we will be sharing news and announcements that you need to know – trends that you should be aware of to stay secure and compliant – as well as guest posts from domain experts and thought leaders to explore GRC topics in depth. Things are moving fast in the industry, and we want to help you stay on top of it.

In the spirit of Zen, this journey through GRC doesn’t necessarily have a defined destination or finish line – the goal is the journey itself. Reciprocity is working hard to make compliance cool, and the Zen of GRC will not just help you learn more about compliance, but show that compliance and innovation need not be mutually exclusive.


Photo Credit: Ahmad Nizam Awang