ZenGRC’s latest release comes with several new feature updates.

  • New look and feel with the quick start dashboard. New dashboard shows workflow status, my tasks, and my requests. It also allows you to create and search for new objects easily.
  • New left hand navigation – click on the menu button (3 lines) to expand or hide:Untitled
  • Custom attributes for any object – Open the Admin dashboard to add custom fields for any objects. To import controls with custom attributes, just add the attribute title as a new column in the import template.


  • Object filter – need to sort through hundreds of objects? Type in a keyword to narrow down the list.


  • Show/hide horizontal navigation menu button (found near top right of screen):


  • Open object page button (in new tab, found at the right-most edge of any object’s row):


  • Object description modal – minimize, default, maximize height button:


  • New location/button for importing and exporting objects, such as sections and clauses of directives:



Previously, the import/export buttons were accessed by hovering over the + icon. Now, to import sections/clauses, open the directive (regulation, standard, contract, policy) and add the sections/clauses widget. You will see the import/export buttons as shown above.