In the latest ZenGRC product release we continue to add new and enhanced capabilities designed to make it easier and more efficient to manage your compliance program. Enhancements in v2.2 are now available and include:

A New System of Record Dashboard

The System of Record Dashboard tracks your progress as you build out ZenGRC as your compliance system of record, and allows you to monitor the status of ongoing updates to the system as requirements and business needs change. It shows the status of three ZenGRC objects: controls, objectives, and programs. The dashboard displays the completion status of each of these objects as they move from draft to final, and help you determine if controls are in scope. The System of Record dashboard gives you visibility into the following:

Control Set Analysis

This summary view gives you a quick overview of the completeness of your System of Record and shows which controls still need to be addressed. For a more detailed view, simply click on any number and this will lead you to a list of these controls within ZenGRC.

ZenGRC System of Record Control Set Analysis

Objectives Analysis

The information reported in Objectives Analysis helps guide decisions for future projects or audits. It shows your status towards completions and the objectives and controls that still need to be finalized. It also gives you a single click view into the list of gaps in ZenGRC. This allows you to manage existing projects and tasks to determine the project or audit tasks that need attention.

Zen GRC System of Record Objectives Analysis

Future Gap Analysis

This view displays your compatibility with other programs you have planned in ZenGRC and shows how close you are to meeting the objectives related to those programs.

Link sharing

By clicking on Program, Control, or Objective names and on numbers of these objects in the reports you are redirected to a page with more details on the selected object. You can easily share this view with a coworker by simply copying and sharing the URL. As long as they have access to ZenGRC they will be able to access the exact same view.

PCI-DSS v3.2 Content Ready for Upgrade

Our GRC Expert team has prepared the new version of PCI-DSS for general availability import. Please contact [email protected] to receive an upgrade memo describing the summary of changes, and instructions for upgrading your current PCI program.

Tree View Updates

We have added the ability to view creators and assessors on Assessment’s tree view. If there are multiple users in one role, they are all displayed and separated with commas. Users can also use filters to see just assessments with relevant users (use the “~” filter).

ZenGRC Tree View Updates

Need help or have questions about v2.2 of ZenGRC? Contact us at [email protected].